[Preview-Video] Ultimate 104 Animal SkinPack V2 for Zbrush/Blender and Substance Painter

General / 04 July 2021

Hi folks, finally, I complete my pack.

You can access the video containing the highlights, so please, have fun!

Product Link: https://www.artstation.com/a/7088305


104 .TIFs

104 .PSDs

VDM  Zbrush - Separated by Categories

Tutorial How to use in Substance Painter

Tutorial How to use in Blender

DragonBust_from sphere_to_end (applying the Brushes)

Separated by folders:

Crocodile - 15 pieces

Dragon - 18 pieces

Lizard-Reptile - 16 pieces

Snake - 12 pieces

Wrinkles  - 42 pieces

[RELEASE] 27 Female Scifi Suits KitBash with Uvs - Plus ZTL - LP+HP) .obj/.fbx/.blend/.max

General / 02 June 2022

greeting guys, I come here today to bring good stuff that I've been cooking for these times :)

Main Notes:

# This pack is different from Pack Bust Scifi Pack. because it only has Women's Suits Exclusive ;

# The ZTL project is organized by folders to facilitate handling ; 

# You can export individual pieces already with uvs mapped. 

# You can also download FBX and OBJ in mid poly ;# 6-SDv Levels. Customize the choice, get total control of the anatomy without disfiguring details ; 

DL: https://artstn.co/m/NoDz7



Scifi Soldier - Tech Character Renders

General / 08 October 2021

Hi guys, hope you are well! I'm working on new brushes for the store, and lots of new things are coming! for those who have never visited, supplements for us here! https://www.artstation.com/renanassuncao/store

ahh about the work? past work I did based on the Crysis design...


Ape - Personal Sci-fi Concept

General / 23 May 2021

An improvement project that i did in my spare time, hope can render full body soon

Commercial and Standard Licenses same price. - Kitbash/Brushes

General / 20 May 2021

Please Enjoy
May 20 - May 26! https://www.artstation.com/a/571501

Dropship BravoT300

General / 14 May 2021

Dropship BravoT300, a personal concept that i was working on from scratch, machines like this can make enemies pop into heaven without knowing what happened..

Personal Library - Brushes/Alphas/VDM: https://www.artstation.com/renanassuncao/store

FunkyMonkey - Hardsurface Head/Body (update)

General / 11 May 2021

Still wip, but yeah, did entire suit today in my spare time

Personal Library - Brushes/Alphas/VDM: https://www.artstation.com/renanassuncao/store

Texturing a Dragon in an easy way **80% OFF Entire store ** 50% off + 30% for two/more

Tutorial / 31 March 2021

Characters Season - Silicon Saga Board Game (Launching soon)

General / 30 January 2021

Silicon Saga: Wreck of the Andromeda is going live on Kickstarter at 10am EST 2/16/21.

So turn on your notification bellow!


Here is a small wip of the various models that are in the game, this is Navegator!

..ring system for identification!

The game is amazing, with unique system and skills, it was really great to work and sculpt for this epic theme.


Below are the words of the publisher:

"It’s being produced exclusively through this campaign, so don’t miss your chance to snag a copy. Our preview page is now available (link in bio). Be sure to get notified when we go live. If you already signed up for a reminder directly from us, that will be a separate email.

We want to give a big thank you to those who have already said you plan to back us and who have helped us by spreading the word about this game. Your support is incredibly important to us, so thank you.

If you don’t know enough about Silicon Saga or if you haven’t heard of it, please consider checking out our website (www.rustedgeargames.com), Board Game Geek, or our campaign page (once we go live) for more information."  

Skoutin - A Fantasy 75mm Miniature / Tabletop Game

General / 23 August 2019

Hi  fellows,
In this second post I would like to be sharing the Stoutkin model, a character in which I made for a tabletop game, design and interesting details.

This is the workflow I use for customer models, every step of the process I send for an approval, be it in the blocking, detailing and rendering stages, so, let's take a look below! (Directed by Andrew Scott, a project for a Kickstarter.)


Well, let's start, this is the artwork that I received through the Director, a fantasy concept, I found it very interesting the question of being a dwarf with animal paws, remembering a centaur, in the course of the work I realized some observations to the director and we optimize some parts for the piece to be 75mm with exelent details visible to cast.


No details at this stage only silhouettes and shapes. This is the first photo of work in process, I sent as choice, attenuated forears and a leather texture on the protector, and so we proceeded.

At this time the part of the hair is already made the initial phase, some close-ups..

Part of the hands already begin to be refined..  

  And behold, the final model photo appears to send for approval..

  But before sending, a little of likeness and textures to give a greater prominence in the personality of the Skoutin.

We continue with more images tomorrow!